This is a sampling from the catalog I have available. There are still a few pieces that I haven't been able to find, but most of those are just interface variations on these engines.

  • GEM SPIN: This was my very first Flash game, before I'd really learned to optimize the artwork and animation, so the file size is a little on the too-large side. Still, it was consistently one of the top 10 most popular games. It's a standard 3-reel with an animated background, animated slot glass, and traditional casino sound effects.
  • GOLD RUSH: This was a concept requested by the sponsor that never really worked out - they wanted a clickable 'ticker' built into the game, but the animation of the ticker really interrupted the game flow ... still, whatever the sponsor wants ... :)
  • REEF CLUB: This was originally a Java game, with assets supplied by Casino On Net. At their request, I converted it to Flash for better cross-platform flexibility, and so that we could some clickable features.
  • WILD WEST: This was another Java game converted to Flash. We did quite a few of these for Casino On Net, with mixed results. It's really better to use vector art in Flash - the .jpg and .gif Java assets don't always display properly. But we were able to integrate a "Play for Real $$$" button directly into the game, which wound up being profitable for everyone. :)

    Tournament games - these are a few of the games developed for the "Slots Extravaganza" sweepstakes (we rotated at least one game out and put in something new every month, but the engine is the same):
  • WILD 7'S
  • BURST INTO SUMMER: Another tournament game, this one for a different summer-themed sweepstakes promotion. Nothing unusual about this one, just that it has animation in the slot glass area.

  • GOOD FORTUNES: On certain reel combinations, a randomly selected 'fortune' materializes in the crystal ball.
  • SUPER DIAMOND: This version features a X amount bonus round on certain reel combinations.
  • FRUIT BLAST: Likewise, this one has a X amount bonus round, and also has ad breaks (the game is set to call an ad layer after every 60th spin).
  • GALAXY QUEST: The bonus round on this version is a single hand of video poker. Also, there are special animations that appear with certain reel combinations. (I also started developing a version of this game with a trivia bonus round, but it was never completed.)

    SLOTS/5-REEL: With this series, I tried to get as close as possible to the current look of modern casino 5-reel games. Some actually have animated reel images. All of them have multi-line selection. One other bonus feature - when a player earns a certain number of points, a message appears over the buttons that says "Hey, you're on a roll! Why not try it for real?" (the message is, of course, clickable to the sponsor's site).

    BLACKJACK: All of these are essentially based on the same game engine, with different interfaces and intro animations. The only with a significantly different logic is the one I did for Hasbro, based on their "Jack Diamond" game.
  • PREMIUM BLACKJACK: Another conversion from what was originally a Java game
  • "MEDIEVAL" BLACKJACK: This one never launched, it's just an interface design I did for a tournament-style promotion (like the Slots Extravaganza) that never materialized.

    VIDEO POKER: Again, all of these use what is basically the same engine, but with variations in the payout structure.
  • RED HOT ACES: Another standard video poker, this one with animated cardbacks and an animated logo.
  • BONUS POKER: This game never launched, hence the no-frills interface. :) It's just a variation on the standard video poker payout structure.
  • SPIN POKER: This is another game that never got to launch, but I love this concept. It's a standard video poker game, but with the look and animation of a slot machine.

    PULL TABS: These aren't really a casino game, but apparently they're very popular in places like bingo halls and sports bars. Sort of like a scratcher, but instead of scratching something away you, uhm, pull a tab. :)

  • BIG 6 WHEEL: This one is also known as a "Wheel of Fortune", another casino standard. I was never thrilled with the look of this interface, but it was still a popular game. I would definitely want to make some changes to streamline the way this game flows before it were ever launched again.
  • BATTLE ROYALE: This is the casino version of the game "War". Yes, people really do play this - every casino floor has at least one. This game was never sold/launched, so I never spiffed up the interface as much as I wanted to, but the engine does work.

    PARTIALLY DEVELOPED GAMES: (I have specs and unfinished engines for these, but no playable versions.)
  • TIC TAC TOE (not really a casino game, I know, but I was thinking of a tie-in with the game that the Tropicana was running last year, where you could play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe against a live, trained chicken)
  • PACHINKO (to target the Asian casino market)

    OTHER: I wrote specs for these game types, but never had a chance to develop the engines.
  • horse racing
  • various dice games
  • roulette
  • baccarat

    The only essential missing here is standard poker, but that doesn't really work in a single-player version anyway. I don't think we even had a Java version that did well - it only really worked in Hoyle, because so much of the fun of the game relies on multi-player interaction.

    We could probably also have used a Flash version of Craps, but no sponsor ever requested it, and I'll be honest - I was never interested enough to start developing one on my own. :)