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  At the Realm of Thorns

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  Stumbling Blocks

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  Mook Jong

Bright-eyed Fancy,
 hov'ring o'er,
Scatters from her
 pictured urn
Thoughts that breathe
 and words that burn.
(Thomas Gray.
 The Progress of Poesy.
 III. 3, Line 2.)


~ Schönen Falschheit ~

Her baby-doll features speak innocence and wonder, but the thick ring of kohl around her amber eyes, and the sweeping forest of sable lashes hiding them, tell a different story.

Stark raven hair is captured in a tight chignon at the nape of her neck and capped with a gold cage embellished with beads and pins of glistening jet. Two perfect curls lay flat against the hollows of her cheekbones, and a single beauty mark adorns the corner of her ever-pouting mouth.

Her willowy silhouette is outlined in a jacket of supple kid leather the color of night, tapered at the waist and sporting a mandarin collar, and the sleek stems of her legs are similarly clad, in leather buffed to a high sheen. Knee-high boots of rich ebony complete the ensemble, laced up the back with red satin rattail cord, balanced on spindly stiletto heels, the management of which appears effortless as she flows with every step.

Slender artists' fingertips appear bare, but for a conspicuous ring on her right index finger, a topaz cabachon set in gold nugget...

~ Once employed as a bodyguard to Shaidar Morin ~ Body piercing at Turk's Tattoos~