Pack your bags, book passage beyond the limits of your imagination, and perhaps your mind will take you on a trip outside the boundaries of Rhy'Din... far past the cheap thrills and easy bloodshed of the town's main streets, deeper than any ghetto gutters, darker than any shadow whorling its witchcraft over the outskirts and painting its ragged edges pretty again... far beyond the fringes, where the last footsteps of man fade into the tentative impressions of beast, the forest thickens like scar tissue, only to be scraped away by slivers of beach, and waves like incisors whose life's mission is to gouge a signature into the rocks of the northern coast...

Here, behind a barrier of vines so thick that they mate forest with jungle, and cast the whole into eternal night, a single outcropping of land juts into the ocean, defying ever-angry waves and tempest clouds alike to play host to...

A mystery... a diabolical mystery, defined only by the spires of what might be a house, thrusting above the treetops, but giving no clue as to what lies beneath, hidden by the gloom...

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